This brand new watch family unveiled by Mühle at this year’s Baselworld watch exhibition aims to fill the gap where the Antaria range previously sat. These beautifully understated watches incorporate both dressiness and casualness with their matt black dials, orange accents and all fitted to a dark brown crocodile leather strap. The 42mm case comes in either chronograph, date or day-date version and are all powered by Mühle’s automatic movements with patented ‘Woodpecker Neck’ regulation and Glashütte Three Quarter Plate assembly.

The name "Lunova"
The Lunova combines nautical values with a new and unique Mühle-Glashütte design that is particularly elegant thanks to its unusually large number of surfaces with a polished finish. This shiny appearance also acted as the inspiration behind the name of this family of watches. The first part of the name Lunova is inspired by the Latin word "lumen", meaning shine, light or bright. The second part comes from the Latin word "novus", which can be translated as new, fresh or young.

The Lunova range once again cements Mühle’s commitment to manufacturing legible, well engineered and functional wrist watches that provide the wearer with not only excellent reliability but also something that can be worn with pleasure for any occasion. In typical German fashion, the Lunova family does not display ostentatious design but simple un-fussy functionality.

Lunova Chronograph RRP £2720
Lunova Tag-Datum RRP £1810
Lunova Datum RRP £1590


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