Alpina Watches can trace its roots back to 1883, when Gottlieb Hauser founded the 'Alpina Swiss Watchmakers Corporation'. The watchmaker’s corporation was developed to optimise the manufacturing of movements and timepieces by forming a federation of cooperating watch manufacturers and suppliers.


However, Alpina Watches soon started developing and producing in-house watch calibres and chronometers. In 1901, the trademark "Alpina" was registered and appeared for the first time on high-end calibres and watches produced by Gottlieb Hauser.


By the 1920s, Alpina Watches were already being sold in over 2,000 outlets worldwide, an exceptional figure for that time. It is no exaggeration to say that Alpina was one of the first leading manufacturers of Swiss watches.


Today, the ideals and innovation upon which Alpina was founded are still alive in their Geneva watch manufacture, where they make professional sport watches to the most exacting horological standards.


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